You Can Invest

We’d like to invite members of the community, friends, family and local businesses to invest in The Rising Sun Woodcroft Community Pub Limited (the Rising Sun), a Community Benefit Society which has been set up to secure the long-term future of the Rising Sun public house as a community pub.

This isn’t just about buying a pub, it’s about preserving the history and heritage of our village and surrounding area and investing in the future of our community. If we don’t buy the pub now, it could be lost forever

Our Prospectus

Our Prospectus tries to answer the key questions you might have and you can download it here, if you'd like a physical copy then please join us at one of our face to face events.

Business Plan

Our business plan contains forward-looking statements, including projections relating to the financial position of the Rising Sun Woodcroft Community Pub Limited.

Application Forms

These are the forms you need to fill in to invest in a share and become a member of The Rising Sun Woodcroft Community Pub Community Benefit Society.

There are 3 different forms depending on whether you are a) buying shares for yourself b) buying shares as a business, a charity or a group c) buying shares as a gift for someone else (and what a lovely gift!)

Please note if you put more than one person’s name on the application form it is the first, named person who will receive the correspondence and the vote and you may lose tax benefits. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you are not sure…

For Individuals

For Business, Charities or Groups

For Gifts

Please download, print and complete then return your form with a cheque made payable to The Rising Sun Woodcroft Community Pub Limited or TRSWCPL to Oakcliffe, Coleford Road, Woodcroft, NP16 7HY

If you wish to pay by bank transfer you can, just email a copy of your downloaded, printed and completed form to

Rules of the Society

This is the legal bit...

These are the rules that Members of our Society and our Management Committee will have to follow in the running of the business. They have been tried and tested over time and help keep us all safe.

Download the Rules of the society