Thank You Investors

We’d like to thank everyone who invested in The Rising Sun Woodcroft Community Pub Limited (the Rising Sun), a Community Benefit Society which has been set up to secure the long-term future of the Rising Sun public house as a community pub.

This isn’t just about buying a pub, it’s about preserving the history and heritage of our village and surrounding area and investing in the future of our community.


Our Prospectus

Our Prospectus tries to answer the key questions you might have and you can download it here, if you'd like a physical copy then please join us at one of our face to face events.

Business Plan

Our business plan contains forward-looking statements, including projections relating to the financial position of the Rising Sun Woodcroft Community Pub Limited.

Rules of the Society

This is the legal bit...

These are the rules that Members of our Society and our Management Committee will have to follow in the running of the business. They have been tried and tested over time and help keep us all safe.

Download the Rules of the society

Tax reliefs for an investor under SITR

Income Tax Relief

30% of the amount invested is normally deducted from the investor’s income tax liability for the tax year in which the investment is made and/or the previous tax year (see below).

When you can claim Income Tax relief

You can either claim relief in:

  • The tax year you make the investment

  • The tax year before you make the investment - if you choose to treat some or all of the investment as being made in a previous year

  • You cannot carry forward unused Income Tax relief to future tax years.

Capital Gains Tax Deferral

If a capital gain from the sale of any asset is re-invested into a SITRqualifying investment, the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability on that gain is deferred until the SITR investment is disposed of.

You must make the investment between one calendar year before and three calendar years after you sell the asset.

Three Year Rule

Keep in mind that you’re only eligible for the CGT exemption and the Income Tax relief if you keep the shares for 3 years.

Inheritance Tax Relief

100% Inheritance Tax Relief: the SITR shares get full IHT relief if you pass away after two years of making the investment.

Loss Relief

Investments in SITR shares may qualify for loss relief against income or capital gains tax.

Important Note- This is strictly for Guidance only you should seek your own professional advice from a qualified tax advisor.