Survey Results

We asked and you delivered. Thank you all for the fantastic response to our recent survey, we were bowled over by your responses. We were particularly pleased with the large number of you, almost half, expressing an interest in buying a share in the pub.

Almost 300 of you took the time to complete the questionnaire either on our website or on paper, thanks to Lifestyle Express in Tutshill for hosting the drop-off box, and thanks to all the volunteers who gave their time to distribute our leaflets.

We've been busy analysing the results and would like to share some of our insights.

We asked you, where do you live?

As expected the local response to the survey was fantastic, of the 300 or so respondents over 90% reside in the local area.

We also managed to reach some fans slightly further afield who were keen to involve a visit to the Rising Sun as they explore the Wye Valley and surrounding area.

We asked you, how often you would visit?

The seats won't get cold at the Rising Sun, 60% of you say you'll pay a visit to your local at least once a week. This is great news and a sure sign that the Rising Sun will soon be back at the heart of the local community.

We asked you, what do you want from your pub?

We were keen to find out what you expect from the Rising Sun and there were two questions that gave you the opportunity to express your views.

We asked you to choose from six named services, from this list Live music, a family-friendly area and food were by far the most popular, more than half of you were interested in these. There was also significant interest in big-screen sports, catering and a function room, with about one in six expressing an interest.

When asked to name anything else the list was long, some highlights can be seen in the "word cloud".

Popular options included a shop, community space, clubs, sports teams, facilities for climbers and walkers, good beer, quiz nights and many other things.

It was also clear that you are quite fond of your four-legged friends with a large number of your declaring dog-friendliness as an important feature.

We asked you, what kind of food do you want?

Food glorious food. You can't get enough, lunch and dinner, evenings and weekends and with plenty of snacks and treats in between.

You expressed a strong interest in affordable, quality, local food-seeking both healthy and more traditional fayre. The need for snacks and meals on the go was also indicated, whilst theme nights were also popular.

Your tastes are broad with Curry nights, BBQs, and a Caribbean evening all suggested. Tea, coffee, cake and sandwiches also feature high on your wish list.

We asked you, how important is a pub?

99% of you feel that it's important that a pub serves your local area. That's great we do too.

We asked you, how old are you and the people you live with?

You definitely span the generations. The surrounding area is home to singletons and families, the young and the more "experienced" resident.

One thing is for sure, The Rising Sun will be catering to a broad demographic. We look forward to joining you all as you enjoy your local pub.

We asked you, can you help?

We were thrilled, but not surprised, by your offers of support and help. It's clear you want to see the sun rise again and you're not afraid of rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in.

What is fantastic is the large number of you, around 50%, who are ready and waiting to invest in The Rising Sun.