The Journey

October 2011
The Rising Sun closes when it's owner goes into administration.

February 2012
The pub is put on the market

October 2012
Worthy Developments buy the Rising Sun for around £165,000

March 2013
Rumours swirl that the site will be developed for housing.

April 2013
The community wants a pub. The Committee is founded.

May 2013
Our first public meeting is attended by over 100 local residents. Plans are set to oppose the housing development. £176,000 has been pledged to save the pub.

August 2013
An offer to buy the pub for £200,000 is rejected by Worthy Developments. The intention to develop the site for housing is made clear.

November 2013
The Committee apply to have the Rising Sun listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV)

December 2013
The application for ACV state is approved!

February 2014
Worthy Developments appeal ACV listing.

April 2014
Appeal rejected. ACV status for the Rising Sun is retained.

April 2014
Thieves break in the pub stealing pipework and causing a great deal of damage.

June 2014
Worthy Developments again appeal ACV status.

July 2014
Worthy Developments submit planning application to turn the pub into two separate two storey residential dwellings.

September 2014
Planning application rejected by unanimous decision.

October 2014
Second Asset of Community Value appeal is rejected. Also, we're in the news.

November 2014
Film Night fundraiser held. Over £1,100 is raised.

April 2015
A new planning application is submitted by Worthy Developments.

September 2015
Planning application refused, again.

March 2016
Worthy Developments suggest the pub can be rented while residential flats are developed and rented out upstairs. This offer was rejected by the committee.

October 2017
The Pub is placed on the market again.

November 2017
We take steps to make a bid for the Rising Sun and obtain business support from the Plunkett Society of Co-operative pubs.

February 2018
Following a professional valuation of the Rising Sun we submit a bid, 20% over valuation. Our bid is rejected. No other offers are made, by anyone.

June 2018
Over 100 people attend a public consultation where we outline our vision for the future of the Rising Sun. You can download slides here.

June 2018
170 of you respond to our survey. Letting us know what you want from your local pub.

October 2018
Forest of Dean council agree to serve Compulsory Purchase Order to buy the pub on behalf of the community.

Feb 2019
Committee successful at getting pub re-listed as an Asset of Community Value until 2024.

Nov 2019
CPO served.

Dec 2019
Worthy Developments object to the CPO and submit a planning application to support this objection.

Feb 2020
Planning permission refused by Forest of Dean Council.

March 2020
Fundraising Quiz night held at the Drill Hall. £1,990 is raised.

May 2020
Covid crisis causes CPO to be withdrawn by council.

November 2020
Worthy Planning appeal dismissed by inspectorate after great effort from committee and community.

December 2020
Forest of Dean Council make decision not to reinstate CPO.

May 2021
After an eight year campaign, an agreement is reached with Worthy Developments to Purchase the Rising Sun on behalf of our Community!