The Vision

Our Vision is that Woodcroft and the surrounding community have a vibrant hub that acts a base for reconnecting local people. It is owned by the community through a Community Benefit Society where each member has one vote, no matter the size of their share holding.

The primary purpose will be to provide the local community with a central venue for meeting, eating and drinking; The Pub as a Hub concept! It would be a central location for local groups to meet on a regular basis as well as providing a range of events and entertainment to bring together the local community. These might include music evenings, live entertainment, quizzes and a venue for watching key sports events. It could also provide a small shop and parcel drop off/collection point amongst other things.

In developing the Rising Sun and reinstating it as a community pub, we would be seeking to ensure that it is accessible to all within the local community on an equal basis. We would therefore ensure that it is accessible to anyone with disabilities. Families with young children would be encouraged to use The Rising Sun, as would older members of the community; events and activities to attract such groups would be promoted and fully.

The pub will help encourage tourists to visit the area which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and is already popular with walkers and climbers. The Rising Sun will be an attractive pit-stop for them on their travels.

Above all, we want to prevent Woodcroft from becoming a through road and to preserve the Community here by providing a real community hub.